Friday, August 5, 2016

Crossover - New Images from both sides of the Adriatic

Hi all, just back from working and travelling in the Adriatic region and starting to wade through all the photographs, information and emotions that Leannej and I gathered while leading a digital story-telling project at a Migrant Centre in Italy. We also toured through Montenegro, Albania, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina and met with a lot of kind and committed people dealing with both the consequences the past and the calamitous forces of the present. 

To paraphrase Miran Noderland, from the forward of the book - The Art of Survival ..." Numerous events in recent history have shown us that a transboundry crisis operates in one and every space at the same time... we are faced with... socio-economic inequalities, climate change, technological complexities...the rise of nationalism, proxy wars, distorted demographics, cultural-religious tensions... we will soon realize that our reality has become a shared that can easily cross geographical, jump functional and transcend traditional time boundaries." 

Despite the seeming chaos of current global events we came away with a little bit of hope, a fair amount of inspiration and a much clearer sense of the interconnectedness of all our struggles. Here's a few images that try and pull together some the stories we were told, a few of the things we saw, and the many ideas and feelings we encountered and hope to try and honour.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Landscapes in the Republic of Property

While Vancouver continues to morph before our very eyes, the DTES still holds fast as a kind of Ground Zero, a place where the tactics of gentrification were forged and the strategies for community resistance keep getting refined. Whether its Hollywood North set dec’s turning local streets into a staging ground for the Marvel Universe, Port Authority privateers pumping more tankers and container traffic into the inner harbour or Robber Baron developers running rampant (on a field of Panama green), flipping tiny parcels of former refuge into huge chunks of change, the real owners, the people who put their lives on the line to build neighbourhood, thankfully, keep getting in the way. The view corridors may be more exclusive and the familiar landmarks harder to locate, but the big picture is still there for all to see. People, the Planet, not Profits. Here’s a few images that try and keep track of what’s really at stake.

I’m going to be away most of this summer at a residency, putting together a new project and these photos are kind of studies or sketches for some of the sculptural pieces that I’ll be working on. Notes to myself, or maybe just postcards from home.  Hope you’re all well, see you in the fall.  xs

Shoreline Erosion

Show Me the Body Politic

Blurred Lines


Niche Market

False Creeks

Take It Back





Case Numbers





Millennial Exodus

The Best Place on Earth


Proportional Representation




Economic Stratification


Hard Times/Soft Power

Watershed Moment

Climate Refugees


Habitat Loss

Walled Garden




Brick & Mortar

Bread & Water

Diamonds and Pearls


The Race to the Bottom